p.s. our clients are the absolute best!

The best way I can describe Madeleane’s process and approach with me was intentional. I could tell every time that we chatted that she had made every effort to be fully present with me. I do love every bit of visuals she designed for me but what has truly been invaluable for my business was the brand strategy- that is where I could 100% feel that she listened to everything I said and was able to help me organize my thoughts about all of the more tedious aspects of my business that aren’t necessarily “art” but are so important nonetheless. I’m beyond thrilled with everything I received with my package!
— Reigh Walker, Reigh Walker Photo & Films
When deciding on a designer for my website during a huge rebrand effort, I felt it was important to find someone that I felt understood me - my style, my personality, my vision - both for my website and company as a whole. And then Madeleane stepped in! In addition to being super organized, efficient and helpful, she has amazing style and knowledge of what is going on in the creative community. She was able to run with ideas I already had and guide me on things I wasn’t certain on. She accomplished everything I wanted for my website and I feel so proud of how it looks now!
— Rebecca Crenshaw, Wilderlove Co.
Every business has a journey. This was a pivotal moment for my journey. It made me take a good look at what I want from my business... on a personal level and a professional level. Being a mom of four and working I realize now more then ever that time is the precious elusive thing that we all want more of! I want to be deliberate with mine and going through the process of re-branding with the help of Pais & Haze really allowed me to see a clear vision of what I love to do and what was stealing my energy and time away from my family and my goals! This process was wonderful and insightful... with a fantastic end product! Thank you so much Madeleane!
— Leanne Doell, Leanne Doell Photography
I would like to say thank you so much to Pais + Haze for an amazing journey in launching my beauty brand Amara Lashes. From start to finish I was pleased throughout the entire process of my beauty brand coming to LIFE. Maddy is a JOY to work with.. I know how picky I am with very small detail, but she was very patient, kind and understanding and made sure the that every detail from my branding, to my photos, to my website were executed to perfection! I am so grateful and thankful that my branding/photography/ website were done through Pais + Haze!!! The investment is worth it!
— Kristina Orido, Amara Lashes
Madeleane is an amazing artist. From start to finish the logo process was smooth. I really enjoyed filling out the questionnaire and putting together a board to help give her ideas about the theme I was going for. The end result was beautiful and exactly what I would picture for my business. Thank you so much again Madeleane! I can’t wait to work on my website next!
— Heather Clark, Heather Clark Photography
I was very pleased with the work that Madeleane put in to my website design and re-branding. Now I am very comfortable and thrilled showing someone my website. Before, there was trepidation but now there’s no chance of that because of the beautiful layout and work that went into making my site something that I am super proud of. She also helped me determine what my style was when it was hard for me to put into words what I was looking for... She is somewhat of a mind reader. And Madeleane was a joy to work with as well and her timelines were always met for me and I was very thankful knowing her work ethic meshes so well with her artistic side.
— Crystal Hill, Birds on a Wire Photography