When it comes to branding, a website, or photos you’re going to use for your business, there are a couple major concepts that we just can’t ignore…


+ Functionality —

When you walk away from our process, what we have created for you needs to function! That sounds obvious but we really mean it. I won’t design a pretty website for you that you can’t manage. I’ll coach you through how to easily update images, create blog posts, add to the verbiage when needed, etc. so that it doesn’t become a crutch to your business. I receive so many inquiries that say “I'm stuck on my website so I’ve been ignoring it” — that’s a problem I want to be sure you never have after we’re done! With your branding, I absolutely love creating a variation of each design that will function in different ways for you (i.e. website banners, email headers, social media profiles, image watermarks, etc.) And if we do a photo shoot of your products and/or you, let’s be sure they will be useful to you for a long time! We will plan out the shoot to maximize what content we create.


+ Longevity —

Keeping up with the latest trends IS important in ways to keep up with the competition but we don’t want to back you into a corner with branding or a website that makes you look just like the others. I totally get it… you look up to someone in your industry who is paving the way with a certain style of branding or images (whatever it may be) so you feel like you should be keeping up in the same way. But it’s totally not true. You CAN indeed set yourself apart and stand out without copying what’s popular. Start your own look and “thing” that you can be recognized for rather than getting lost in the sea of your industry. I won’t be satisfied unless we create something totally unique. While there may be a semblance of “trend” to it, it will last you through your business.


+ Personality —

Let’s face it, you are likely the only thing unique about your business! Sounds harsh, but whether you a handmade product maker, an artist, or a photographer (or something totally different!), I highly doubt you are creating THE ONLY version of what you create. The creative industry is vast and highly competitive. There are a lot of us offering different versions of the same things. There’s so much I love about that concept but I also think it’s easy for us to feel like copy cats, boring, or unimportant. But YOU are the biggest asset in your toolbox! Your personality and voice is the one thing that you can use to set your offerings apart. I hope to capture that personality of yours whether it be through branding designs, the voice in your website, the styling of your product photos, or even your personal headshots.