let’s discover, shall we?

The discovery call sets the tone for the entire project. Whether it is a brand we are designing, a website we are constructing, or photos we are shooting — we need to discuss the game plan. Information you’ve already given via any questionnaires, Pinterest boards, shared folders, etc. that is applicable to your project is vital but on the call we will discuss said info. This is also a time for you to throw out any questions or brainstormed ideas you want us to have in mind throughout the designing phases.

A few key points we will hit:

+ referencing questionnaire answers

+ discussing content you’ve shared

+ discussing your target market and your goals for the project in reference to your industry


Schedule our call at a time when you will be focused and distraction free (children included if possible!!) so that we can really dive deep together. I’ll be wrangling my vocal pup so I totally get it if you can’t be 100% alone. As long as you don’t hold my barky studio environment against me, we’ll be good — deal? Discovery calls are anywhere from 30-60 minutes depending on how much info we are unpacking, so please choose a time block that would have a bit of leeway! Also keep in mind we are Texas based, meaning we are in Central Standard Time.