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Have you been around with me on this business journey since the beginning? Then you may know that it took a little while to solidify my own brand. My theory is the best way to figure out what you want to do is to simply go for it and learn along the way. A business that started off as craft workshops led to calligraphy workshops and has since morphed into an entire creative company of branding, website design, calligraphy, and photography. It has definitely taken me time to realize what I want to do for the rest of my life! Along with the business changes, my brand changed but the beauty of a successfully branded business is that you will be able to pivot and morph your business offerings without changing your actual brand. I learned that along the way and now, no matter what service I bring in (as long as it's creative), it can be offered underneath this one umbrella brand.

Since I just underwent the full branding process I put my clients through, I thought I'd share that process with you. This is a peak into the way I present a branding concept to my clients. It helps them visualize everything as a whole. If done well, I am able to present just one concept initially and we simply refine and tweak once or twice and then it is approved! In doing this, we avoid endless drafts and revisions and hit it right the first time!

To give a little more behind the scenes, the way we get to this concept presentation looks a little like the following:

  • Client completes a brand questionnaire first thing, that pinpoints their audience, values, style, and vision behind the business
  • Client composes a Pinterest board of things that they are drawn to - we limit this to just a handful of images and try to stay away from pinning many other logos and mood boards, so that we can use it as a tool and not a crutch
  • We hop on a branding call to talk about questionnaire answers and Pinterest board
  • If we are pairing with Raven, the illustrator of P + H, then Raven and I discuss plans for the design
  • Next, it's off to the sketchbook and designing phase! I design based off of all of the answers, imagery, and research of the client's business that I conduct.
  • Between the designing phase and the debut, I also create a "Brand Strategy" for clients who we are doing full branding for. It is less design based and more audience and business based. This helps the client understand that we are truly designing for their audience first and themselves a very close second.
  • Lastly, an entire concept is debuted like the one shown below!

It is this concept above that I keep in mind when I do anything business related - writing this blog post, adding to my site's portfolio, creating client work, posting on social media, even down to composing an email. I first think if what I'm putting out onto the internet / world is in line with the branding you see above. It's eliminated the need to schedule out social media, because I know any post I make will match this style. It's made me feel more professional, and I have honestly brought in twice the client volume since professionally branding myself!

Are you feeling like you can't nail down what your brand is? Let's talk (no strings attached) and I'll help you figure it out! I offer brand consultations where we can discuss where your business is at, what it's lacking and struggling with, and what you're doing well that you should build upon! Sometimes all it takes is a fresh new outsider's perspective to give you the clarity you need. Schedule a call with me here! I can't wait to chat with you!