Hi there! It's time we started a blog series over here where we chat a little more about what a brand is, why you need it, what to use branding for, etc. It's simply not as simple as registering a business name and selling a product or service under that name anymore, ESPECIALLY  for creatives. There is fierce competition (well, we don't like to call it competition, but more on that later) out there so how are YOU going to stand out? Let's talk about the 3 key reasons you need a BRAND over simply starting a business.

  1. PROFESSIONALISM / there's a clear difference between selling a great product/service & selling that same exact product/service with a nicer delivery over all. You could come across the most amazing candle you've smelt at a school craft fair (nothing against these or the businesses that appear at them - they're often wildly successful.. but stick with me) with little to no unique labeling/packaging and a not-so-great little logo. Then again, the same candle with perfectly branded packaging would draw way more people over to begin with, and could also find it's place in popular boutiques. Not to mention it would succeed much better on social media because it would photograph better and attract followers. There is power in visuals. A well branded business appears more professional in everything that they do, because they appear established and that they value their work, no matter how "homemade" the concept could be.

  2. CONFIDENCE / you know the saying 'fake it till you make it'? Well, that's what most creatives do from the beginning. It works! It's all about being confident in what you offer and are capable of. When you realize the value in what you have and place a physical visual to it, your mindset changes and in turn, you'll be able to achieve more in your business. Success is highly dependent on your mindset, so why wouldn't you take step that is sure to build a positive mindset for you? Stop looking at what your current Instagram, website, business card or lack of any of those things is like... stop telling yourself that what you see when you see your business in physical form isn't good enough or what people want. YOU are doing things! It's amazing that you're venturing to be an entrepreneur, so it's time to take a step that represents what you deserve!

  3. FREEDOM / no one likes to be put in a box. So don't put yourself in a creatively stunted box by creating a business that is/can be only ONE thing. Yes, you want to hone in on what your offering and have a cohesive business plan (more on that later also!). But what if one day you wake up with a new idea for a new offering? What if you want to start going in a different direction? Will your current business branding allow you to do more than just the one thing you've started with while maintaining your brand? For most, when businesses begin to add other services that don't seem related to the original offering consumers get confused and disinterested. But if you are more of brand than a business, you have the flexibility and freedom to build and grow your business as your passions grow! We are changing beings - the only constant in life is change - so create a business that can grow as you do.

Believe it or not, I waited much too long to establish a brand of my own. In fact, I just recently FINALLY took the much needed time and effort to finish out my branding, making some edits and refreshes along the way. I'll be making a blog post specifically on the struggles I face as a brand designer neglecting my own brand and why that can happen. I feel that we are always the worst at taking our own advice! But I don't want you to make the same mistake, because I promise you there is reward in making investments in your business even when they seem large. This time last year, I wouldn't have dreamed of spending even a couple hundred dollars on an educational resource much less branding help but at that point in time I thought a couple things:

  • I can do it myself - I'm a DIYer no matter what it is so I used to be so reluctant to go to an expert and hire some help when I thought I could do it on my own. Maybe you feel that way? Maybe you have created your own logo and think it's good enough? But have you done research on your audience, designed with your ideal clients in mind instead of yourself, created a logo suite of cohesive brand symbols, etc.? There is a reason we all have unique talents and abilities and it's a shame when we think we can do it all! I've learned the hard way is that we ought to do what we know best and leave the rest to other talented professionals! We aren't meant to do everything all the time.


  • I can't afford that - I was under the wrong impression that if I wasn't making profit yet, I couldn't afford to hire helpful services. Really I couldn't afford NOT to. If I had invested in some things earlier, my profit would've come sooner. With that being said, it is necessary to budget appropriately and be mindful of which things you choose to invest in. Pick 2-3 professional services that will propel your business forward and continue to pay themselves off.

This year has been monumental for my business by simply a mindset shift. I started to realize the importance of my presence, the necessity of education, and the concept of valuing my services as high as they are worth! Doing so for you could be finally investing in the branding and/or website design you've DIY'ed. If so, let's talk about your passions! 

I want to talk one-on-one about you and why you do what you do - schedule a 30 minute brand consultation with me! Simple and easy, we will just chat about your time in business, what you do, what your struggles are, and of course what your dreams are to see if I can help you achieve them. No sales pitch, and I will give you my sound advice on what direction I would take if I were you (even if that could mean us not working together) with complete transparency! Schedule your call with me here

If you've been waiting for that push to do this and you want to talk even more seriously, then don't hesitate! We are starting to book late May and early June, so you can get on the waitlist now. Apply here!