It's time to schedule our branding call together! This will be a roughly 30 minute phone call when we discuss the vision for your website. Now would be the time to express any "must haves", concerns, etc. so that I can clearly understand the direction you want your brand to go! This is also a time to let your personality show through. Personality is a huge focus for your branding, so I want to hear all about you and your passion for your business as we talk! A few key points we will hit:

+ the way you want people to feel when seeing your brand

+ your hobbies outside of your business

+ go through your questionnaire and expand on elements of it

+ the technical parts your website (if we are building one) absolutely must have for you to succeed

I suggest you take some notes between now and our call so that we can have an efficient discussion. I am so excited to talk with you!

Schedule our call at a time when you will be focused and distraction free (children included if possible!!) so that we can really dive deep into your brand. We may go over our 30 minute time frame if needed, so please choose a time block that would have a bit of leeway!